Firing the Engines.

Ok, so, it’s been a minute. There are a few reasons for this:

1) I got a dog. She has taken up a fair bit of my time– walkies and training and just generally vibing are things that the dog life has given me. I read, and started work on an entry on “Hell Hound” as a result of this, and it sits unfinished in my drafts folder. 

2) While I’ve read a fair bit, I found taking notes (which I have to do for the blog) was interfering a bit with my flow. I read a couple of things simply for the joy of it, without taking too many notes (I usually jot down character names and roles somewhere out of habit) and got back into it. 

3) I had set a schedule that was a bit relentless, and burned myself out a bit quickly. I enjoy writing; I do, but the pace of the blog was kind of strange for me; and I became conflicted about writing about things in progress vs things I finished vs making connections to the outside world, and on and on. 

That having said, I’m going to re-fire the engine, post on a more irregular basis, and not pressure myself in weird ways. I’m just going to write stuff about reading and put it on here and not fret. That was the original idea, and I should have stuck with it. 

Be seeing you.

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