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  • “The Thing in the Snow”

    It’s kind of hard to write about a book like “The Thing in the Snow,” as a lot of what happens in it is very unimportant. By design, this book recounts the absurd and dull. It concerns itself with three caretakers at a remote facility in a perpetually snow bound landscape who perform absurd tasks, […]

  • Dread Process/Kindle Scribe vs Kindle and Remarkable/What I am Reading.

    A little more about dread process; a quick look/review of various gadgets.  We’re going to get extra nerdy and picky here. As I have mentioned, I’m a bit of a gadget hound. It’s something I have inherited from my father, I suppose. But I have come to see the value in ‘single use’ devices; I […]

  • Series/”Otherland”/What I am Reading/Future Plans

    Let’s talk a little bit about series. I have a predilection for long works. I’m not sure what this says about me, but if you’ve written an 1,500 page novel, I kinda want to know it exists. If it’s some weird literary nonsense, I probably want to read it. But it doesn’t have to be […]

  • Back at It/ “Angkor and the Khmer Empire”/ What I am Reading/ Next Entry

    I have returned from our soujourn to Thailand and Cambodia; it was a lovely trip, but this isn’t a travel blog. Unfortunately, on the way back, I had some sort of stomach issue, and so I didn’t really get much reading in. While I was there I attempted to read “Angkor and the Khmer Empire” […]

  • Bangkok/What I Read on the plane/What I am reading

    This isn’t a travel blog, but I am in Bangkok right now; it’s just after breakfast time. I had a big bowl of Jok with pork and eggs, and the aunties who run the stall apparently find my lumbering frame and desire to eat Thai food adorable. Bangkok is a unique place; things grow and […]

  • Vacation

    Howdy. I am taking a little break to go on a vacation/enjoy things. I’ll still be reading throughout, and may update a little bit if I find myself at a loose end/have internet/think about it. Regular/organized posting will resume in late January.

  • A Break, Finished/”Titan”/What I am Reading

    An observant audience will notice I took a little time off; ironically as I had time off from work, I found myself a bit lazier. I also had some home projects to work on, etc. I did do some reading, however. There appears to have been a point in 70’s-80’s sci-fi that was just… horny. […]

  • Thoughts on Interpretation via Bartheleme’s “The Balloon”/Cage/What I am Reading

    I finished Jon Fosse’s “The Other Name” earlier this week, and I have thoughts, but I’ll be writing those up later. In addition to my normal reading, I’ve added some short stories to my diet– both to have something to write about while I’m reading lengthier works, and also to take a break from time […]

  • “Dr. No”/What I am Reading.

    I’m about 65% of the way through “Dr. No”, which I started on a whim after someone on Reddit mentioned it and… it’s a thing. The first set of Bond books had some of that good-old fashioned 50s racism– outdated terms and descriptions, but I never saw them as ‘racist’, per se. Fleming used the […]

  • Finished “Bubblegum”/What I am Reading/Notes on Process

    I finally finished “Bubblegum” and while I am glad I read it, my feelings about it are a little complex. It’s the subject of this Thursday’s entry. I ended up focusing on it exclusively to get it ‘out of the way’ which now means I am back on my normal ‘two or three books at […]