Mardi Gras/ What I am Reading

Mardi Gras puts to waste a lot of plans. The annual celebration starts in January, and just kind of… goes on until Fat Tuesday. During this time, I’m busy drinking and parading and dressing like Elvis, for reasons not particularly relevant to this blog. However, it also means I am *not* doing what this blog is ultimately about, making it hard to write about stuff. 

That having been said, I got back on the reading horse this week by finishing “Renegade”, which is “Book One of the Spiral Wars”. Which is to say, it’s a potboiler sci-fi novel about epic space alien battles and political intrigue. It’s all plot, and most of that plot is action. It was good, I enjoyed it, but it doesn’t lend itself particularly well to the sort of analysis I enjoy doing here. 

I am also about 1/4 of the way through “Between Two Fires” by Christopher Buehlman (who’s last name I really have trouble spelling). He is the author of “The Lesser Dead” which was an excellent vampire novel with a very different perspective. “Between Two Fires” is thus far an episodic horror-ish novel with some odd religious undertones, which I am enjoying. 

And I am exactly one page into the final part of Jon Fosse’s Septology. I’ll finish it when my concentration is back up to it’s normal level of nerdery. 

More later. 

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