Back at It/ “Angkor and the Khmer Empire”/ What I am Reading/ Next Entry

I have returned from our soujourn to Thailand and Cambodia; it was a lovely trip, but this isn’t a travel blog. Unfortunately, on the way back, I had some sort of stomach issue, and so I didn’t really get much reading in.

While I was there I attempted to read “Angkor and the Khmer Empire” by Micheal McPherson, which was sold to me as a history of the Khmer Empire, but really was a poorly written guidebook, filled with typos, confusing layout (maybe the non-kindle version of it had pictures? I don’t know), and was the single biggest piece of shit I have read in ages. I would rather read “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket” while listening to the collected works of Billy Joel (who I hate with a passion bordering on the comical) and going through a tax audit than look at it again.

All of this means I am still reading “Otherland : City of Golden Shadow”, a book I started on the flight over, and wanted to finish on the flight back, but couldn’t as I was instead familiarizing myself with the toilets on an 11 hour flight from Tokyo to Houston. And yes, I ended up with a favorite toilet. 

Back at it now– and I think my next entry will be about “Milkman”, a book which I finished a bit ago, but has still been rattling around in my brain. 

It’s good to be home. Jet Lag is very real, and I am up at 6 AM writing this and wishing there was food in the house so I could have some breakfast. I think fairly shortly from now I will sneak away and go to Waffle House. 

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