Falling Behind/What I am Reading/Future Plans/Back on the Horse

I have fallen behind in my reading, which happens from time to time. My band had a gig opening for surf-punks Daikaiju, which I enjoyed a great deal. The book I am reading “the most”, “Bubblegum” is kind of a weird slog– I’m enjoying it, and the story, but it seems overlong. I like long books, and always have, but you have to earn that length, and I am thus far not convinced– however, the story is told out of chronological order, and it answers questions it raises, so I’m happy reading that stuff as I go through, and it has a steady hand. I’m a little over halfway through, at this point.

I have more thoughts, which I’ll gather for the entry this week.

Someone asked me to read a couple of their short stories, and one of them reminded me a bit of Donald Barthelme, so I got a book of his stories to crack when I need a break from Bubblegum and Moby Dick.

Yes, Moby Dick. It too has suffered from my lack of book picking up ness these past weeks; I have read a couple of chapters, but not really collected things together. Stubb has killed a whale; there’s been a squid, and we’ve learned about ropes. 

 I also subscribed to a magazine (relax, it’s still on kindle) that has short horror stories on it, and it might be fun to look at one of those in depth. Back on the horse. 

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