What I am Reading

I’m about 1/8th of the way through Hermoine Lee’s biography of Virginia Woolf; I honestly rarely read biographies, unless I develop some sort of obsession with their subject. I’ve read both biographies of John Cage, for example. It’s interesting, in the way that things are; it’s also slow, as it’s an attempt to be definitive. It’s also something I’m just reading without taking notes, etc on the way I do when I am writing things for this blog. 

I’m also fairly deep into “Bubblegum”, the Adam Levin novel that I am reading instead of the Adam Levin novel that was recommended to me. It too, is interesting, but thus far is kind of a set of shaggy dog stories in a sightly alternate history universe. I mean, I have notes and such on it, but in the first 20% or so, I’m not seeing anything that coheres. Maybe that’s the point. I try not to read too much about the things I am reading as I go. 

And, I continue on through Moby Dick. 

This means I have dropped, for now “The Other Name”– it’s too much at once, and that one looks like it’s going to be a bit of a brain-scratcher. So, I’m putting it to the side until I finish… something. 

I think most serious readers have a to be read stack that exceeds their time to do it in; I try and keep mine down to a reasonable amount of excess, but sometimes even my eyes get bigger than my stomach. At this point, if I get these all done by the end of the year, I’ll be stoked. 

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