No Long Entry/Short Stories

Owing to some personal stuff, there’s no ‘long’ or ‘in depth’ entry this week; It’s both my wedding anniversary and the one year anniversary of Hurricane Ida, and our evacuation from the city. I had originally intended to write up some thoughts about that, but after a few drafts, decided it’s beyond my abilities to sum it up in any real way. We were very fortunate.

Writing a blog about reading has its challenges. There’s gonna be times when I just haven’t read, owing to circumstance, laziness, or circumstantial laziness. My normal ‘reading time’ is around two hours a day, but sometimes there’s music to be heard or band rehearsals to go to or cocktails to be consumed. Unlike some, I don’t feel guilty or bad when I don’t read; and there are ebbs and flows in that life. But it’s something I always return to. 

I had also given some thought to publishing a piece of short fiction I wrote, but decided against it. I just don’t see it as a part of the blog. Perhaps on ‘off weeks’ I might read a short story or the like and chat a little about that. If any of y’all know of a literary journal or magazine that favors the type of thing that I typically write about, let me know. Thanks. 

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