A Lull/”The Phantom Tollbooth”/What I am Reading

Not a whole lot of reading going on this week. My band played its first two shows, so there was a lot of practicing and moving gear and drinking beers. I did a quick re-read of “The Phantom Tollbooth”, a book I first read as a child, which I think helped me develop what some have called “an annoyingly large vocabulary” and “a smart mouth”. The book is filled with delightful wordplay, puns, and a genuinely sweet story. It’s a delight, and as a grownup, it reminds me of what it felt like to be a kid, in the best way. 

My Moby Dick read has stalled at sea, but my reading partner is still behind. The next chapter is “Moby Dick” which I am thinking of doing a close reading/long entry about. 

What I am reading:

“Moby Dick”– still. I’d like to say I now have two friends reading this, which is cool. 

“The Waves”– I should really work on this a little harder. 

“The Pallbearer’s Club”– Paul Tremblay’s new novel. There were some weird problems with the Kindle edition of this, which delayed me starting it, but I’m off to the races. The titles of each chapter are a Hüsker Dü song, a band I had (and to some extent still have) a deep and abiding love for. I do a pretty mean version of “Sorry Somehow” and “Flexible Flyer” on the ukulele. Coincidentally, I am fairly certain that those probably the only songs of theirs that would sound good on ukulele. 

This short entry is shorter than a lot of the other short entries. So it goes. 

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