Halfway through “The Recognitions”/Authenticity

A quick entry, as I am at the halfway point of Gaddis’ “The Recognitions”. I find it interesting that most summaries and articles I read focus on Wyatt, while Otto is almost a main character himself. 

The chapter where Wyatt goes back to visit his father is the most ‘difficult’ part of the book thus far; Gaddis reflects the inner turmoil of his characters outwardly, resulting in a disjointed narrative. It really slowed me down. 

The book is heavily concerned with ‘authenticity’ and what it means; it’s a strange thing to consider in the thick, irony poisoned age in which we find ourselves. The conversation hasn’t entirely died out, for certain— see recent accusations of some music stars being ‘industry plants’ but it’s often less of a concern for the world at large. It’s still a worthy read, and the questions it raises are interesting ones, of course, but this is something worth chewing on. 

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