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  • Finishing “The Recognitions”

    I finished “The Recognitions” last night. I’ve written about it as I rolled along, so you can go back and read prior entries if you’re wanting to see how things evolved. It’s an excellent work, and despite its reputation for difficulty, I found it readable. It did take me longer to read than other novels […]

  • Lazy Week/85% of “The Recognitions”/“Naked Lunch”/“The Unfortunates”/Creators who are Assholes

    I didn’t do a lot of reading this week. It happens sometimes, and I don’t really beat myself up about it. I know some booktube types claim they read for like four hours a day no matter what; normally I spend around 2 or so, give or take. During the early part of the pandemic, […]

  • Long-form works/75% of “The Recognitions”

    I’ve always dug long-form works. The first album I can remember buying with “my own money” was Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, which I definitely got because the “we don’t need no education” line pissed off parental types (as an aside, that line is a lot more clever than it first appears to be), but was […]

  • Halfway through “The Recognitions”/Authenticity

    A quick entry, as I am at the halfway point of Gaddis’ “The Recognitions”. I find it interesting that most summaries and articles I read focus on Wyatt, while Otto is almost a main character himself.  The chapter where Wyatt goes back to visit his father is the most ‘difficult’ part of the book thus […]

  • 30% of “The Recognitions”/“Book of the New Sun”/Rereading/‘Difficult’ Reading in General

    “To Mrs. M—, I was “a pompous snob, and a real ass-hole.” -Johnathan Franzen According to my kindle, I am 30 percent of the way through William Gaddis’ “The Recognitions”, which is a book that has a reputation of being a ‘difficult read’. Some of this reputation comes from  Johnathan Franzen’s essay called “Mr. Difficult”, […]