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  • Thinking/”Blindsight”/The Map

    Let’s talk a little bit about thinking. It’s a wildly abstract concept that we spend a lot of time contemplating. If we say something ‘makes us think’ we usually mean that we have been introduced to a concept that we haven’t previously contemplated; whether or not we actually do anything with that is, well, up […]

  • Obligations/What I am Reading/White Whale

    As will sometimes happen, life has caught up with me a little, and illness and obligations mean this week’s “long entry” is delayed a bit. I’m working on one about the novel “Blindsight”, which I recommend for sci-fi nerds in particular, and other folk in general— you can read it for free here.  Kindle tells […]

  • Submissions/What I am Reading

    I got a couple of requests from folk to look at/write about something for The Lithole a bit ago. I’m generally surprised, as the blog is fairly new, and far from famous. I’m not against considering submissions, but there are a few things to keep in mind: 1) It should be literary in nature. A […]