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  • More “Moby Dick”/Ambient Novels/Sunn O)))/Drone Novels

    I. Apparently it’s “Moby Dick” season. I have learned through a friend that someone I follow on twitter (who’s work/twitter I admire) is also heeding the call of the wretched sea™ and like me is around halfway through. I finished “The Town-Ho’s Story”, and shortly after that “Moby Dick” turns heavy into encyclopedia mode, with […]

  • “The Doloriad”/Metaphors

    I’m writing this quite literally a few minutes after finishing “The Doloriad” and it’s a puzzling thing. There’s a part of this book that insists it’s about something greater; it’s filled with allusions, and references and dense, sometimes overly dense language. On the other hand, it also perpetually has itself in the gutter. Endless grotesqueries, […]

  • “Necroscope”/Cannibal Corpse/fuckin’ br00tal as Criticism

    Lying there cold after a torturous deathYour life ended fast you took your last breathDead in a grave, your final placeThe maggots infest your disfigured face -Cannibal Corpse, “A Skull full of Maggots” Let’s talk about “Necroscope”. It’s the first book in an (at present) twenty volume series, which was started in 1986 and the […]

  • GG Allin/“Naked Lunch”/‘Extreme’ art

    “Bite it, you scum” -GG Allin A brief warning here: I’m going to use some song/book titles and quotes from people who were/are shitheads with shithead ideas. In a lot of cases, these people were simply seeking to shock by being offensive/‘not caring what you think’. There’s some thoughtful stuff in here as well, but […]